Torre Prendiparte


Memory, magic, evocative power

You can evoke or bring back to your mind a visit or a sojourn in the Tower, give your guests a concrete object which underlines the uniqueness of this place and its historical/artistic value.

Items designed and made in order to keep a feeling alive. Ask for them at the tower reception.

Ancient brick of the Prendiparte Tower - 1170 A.D.
Multiple works by sculptor Tiziano Vincenzi

A fancy reconstruction of Mediaeval Bologna, which shows the Prendiparte Tower as it looked like in the twelfth-century town, among wooden porticoes and ancient palaces.

This sculpture has been glazed and aged in an accurate way, in order to make it look like an original ancient brick.

The sculpture, made of Bolognese clay, was modelled as if it had been made from a brick of our tower. As a matter of fact, a real brick taken from the tower, at a height of 50 metres during recent restoration works, was reproduced by making a cast and the relief of the sculpture was made from it, thus creating an absolutely original item.

Each single item is, indeed, unique, both for its tiny details, which vary from brick to brick, and for its finishing touches. This results in remarkable differences among the various hand-made and modelled copies.

cm. 28 x 12 x 4 (L1 x L2 x H) g 2.150

Tile portraying Mediaeval Bologna
Work by sculptor Tiziano Vincenzi

In a Bolognese clay tile which you can hang up on a wall, a bas-relief has been made, showing the Town as it was in the Middle Ages, with the Prendiparte Tower in the centre, surrounded by wooden porticoes and with other towers in the background.

cm. 10 x 13,5 x 2 (L1 x L2 x H) g 400

Wrought iron key of the ancient door of Prendiparte Tower

The key is an accurate antiqued iron reproduction of the key which opens the wooden entry door to the Tower on the ground floor. An amulet, a practical paperweight or an original place card.

It can be enriched with a tassel, available in various colours, in order to suit the tastes and/or colours of your company. It is provided alone or, upon request, in a dedicated package.

cm. 14 x 5 g 110

D’Oro e del Rosso – Il Libro delle Venture (book)

1092 A.D. In Bologna there are two bishops, just like in Rome there are two popes. The Investiture Conflict is reaching its heyday and the Emperor has waged war against the Great Countess, Matilda of Canossa, supporter of the real Pontiff. Following the events of two Bolognese families, which take advantage of the situation to feed an unsolvable feud, the author makes us travel through the history of those years. The hate between those families pushes them to side with the two opposite alliances, thus becoming protagonists of the important events which shook Italy and Christendom. Some of them will go to the Holy Land, to fight in the first Crusade, others will remain at home, busy with various battles which will contribute to changing the face of Bologna once and forever, turning it into a great Municipality.

381 pages
Collana: Amo Bologna Tascabili - 38

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