Torre Prendiparte


Among the streets we walk down absent-mindedly, among the alleys of a Town we know like the back of our hands, in the very heart of the historical centre of Bologna, you can find a piece of history which has risen to its old splendour again. The ancient Prendiparte tower has now become an exclusive shelter for those who are fascinated with the past, and may be the ideal scenery for countless unforgettable events, by magically combining feelings, surprise and wonder.

At the end of careful restoration works, aiming to store what is already in existence and retrieve details which time was compromising, all the twelve floors of the tower can now be visited.

The restoration of the original plaster in the prisons has brought back to light inscriptions and graffiti which had been forgotten. All the rooms are suitably lit and interconnected by comfortable and safe stairs.

After being disputed for centuries, the Prendiparte tower, designed in order to be an extreme and impenetrable defence in case of attack by enemy groups, is now open to those who want to enjoy its uniqueness and long to plunge into history in order to experience deeply impressive feelings.

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