Torre Prendiparte


Torre Prendiparte
Piazzetta Prendiparte, 5
40126 Bologna (BO)


Same route, regardless of where you come from.
Leave the ring road (Tangenziale) at exit 7 “Bologna Centro Via Stalingrado”.
Drive down Via Stalingrado for 2 km towards the Centre and cross the railway bridge.
At the traffic lights, enter the historical centre through Via Mascarella.
At the first traffic lights, turn right into Via Irnerio, then take the third turning on the left, that is Via Alessandrini. The second turning to your right will lead you to Piazza dell’VIII Agosto, where you can park your car 24/7.
You cannot drive any closer, since the historical centre of Bologna is closed to cars 24 hours a day and there are camera controls.
After leaving your car, you will be at a distance of 400 metres from the tower.
If you have heavy bags, you may ask for a shuttle bus service.

On the left side of Piazzale Medaglie d’Oro, turn into Via dell’Indipendenza heading towards the historical Centre and go on as far as Via del Monte (a left turning).
At the bottom of that alley, on the right, you will see the little Prendiparte square, where Prendiparte Tower stands.

By taxi you can reach the tower in no more than 15 minutes.

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