Torre Prendiparte


If the usual hotel meeting room does not satisfy you, if you want to draw all the attention to your brand or to the products/services you provide, if you want to surprise your guests and hit the mark, use the Tower as a powerful and efficient marketing tool. We have designed various options, which may also include an institutional moment, in order to associate your company with a successful event.

Sure results and satisfied clients, not excessively demanding prices and unforgettable memories, which combine culture, cuisine, entertainment and business. Can you really resist?

Business lunches
If your goal is to chat about business topics around a table, but you prefer a non-conventional setting, showing your refined tastes and proving to your guest or potential or old client that they deserve every attention and that they are important for you, nothing is better than the Tower.

A Lunch or Dinner will be organized, for a maximum of twelve seats, in order to make your Client feel s/he is the centre of your attention. The former Archbishop’s Prisons will be an ideal setting to calmly and pleasantly enjoy the selected dishes carefully prepared by our Chef Carla Cavicchioli. Nothing will interrupt your negotiations, no curious ear will be listening to you and you may decide to extend the services provided to include live music, meetings with literary authors, etc.

The event will start with a guided visit of the Tower, on the top terrace you will be offered a welcome drink, then you will go down to the Gala table, carefully laid with the utmost care for details. All this in a not excessively formal atmosphere, where you can freely express your ideas and feel like a king.

Press conferences
Journalists are generally used to conventional press conferences. In the Tower it is possible to organize a mini-event which may exceed the simple announcement of some news. It might be a good chance to address the press in an unusual and more straightforward way, without any distractions and in a direct and efficient relation. The pleasant visit and a rich buffet can make a difference.

If potential or old Clients are affected by the many distractions of Communication media and by the most aggressive competitors, the best thing to do is let them experience something they will never forget.

Welcome them in a Mediaeval Tower, symbol of our wonderful Town, give them the time necessary to forget any worries and the tensions accumulated throughout the day by enjoying a guided visit up the Tower. The view from the terrace will create a positive feeling and the message you intend to convey will be understood in the desired way. Nothing will be perceived as obligation or threat: you will just share emotions and enjoy food and wine, with just few words to show what intentions you have and what you have prepared for your guests. In the tower they do not have to buy anything or sign any contracts, but they will have a good feeling and be stimulated to discuss what is presented to them more in depth, with the best possible intentions.

Many firms and institutions have made this experience, and the results have always been very encouraging…

Product presentation
The best way to present your new products, your latest creations to an audience is to show it inside the Tower. The main goal is to surprise and create a clear separation between daily life and the magical atmosphere of an unusual and evocative place. Fascinating music and gastronomic treats will be the perfect frame and your guests will be more inclined to appreciate what you can show and tell them. An emphasis on the product/service, combined with a very comfortable environment which is strategically very efficient to make people more prone to pay attention to you.

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