Torre Prendiparte


The pleasure of being guests in a tower can be enhanced even further by enjoying an exclusive lunch or dinner inside its ancient rooms. If the situation requires it or if the number of guests is quite high, it is also possible to organize a standing cocktail party or dinner.

Sitting gala dinner (maximum 12 people)
In order to create the right atmosphere, everything has been designed and organized like in a private house: home cooking, a well-laid table with porcelain pottery and discreet glassware, particular care being paid to details and deliberately simply fittings. The former Archbishop’s prisons will host a dining room full of evocative historical traces.

Chef Carla Cavicchioli will be present and fancifully prepare a dinner made up of several courses, using the best ingredients of the season: a charming restaurant open for you exclusively!

In any case, frozen food will not be used for any reasons, food pastes will be prepared by the cook herself, fats will be used carefully and as little as possible and dishes will be cooked in compliance with traditions. Wines, especially the best ones from the local area, will be chosen to carefully match the various dishes.

Gala menu

Upon request, you can enjoy a real typically Bolognese menu.

Bolognese gala menu

Tumbler Dinner (maximum 35 people)
An elegant and informal solution, which combines good specialities which are normally tasted on a plate without having to bother about the plate.

Each course will be served in a crystal tumbler with a stainless steel spoon or fork, in a series of emotions and surprises for your palate. Warm and cold dishes will alternate to create a very pleasant experience for your friends, colleagues or clients. Suitable wines will be selected from our cellar, and they will be served in crystal wine-tasting glasses.

Tumbler Menu

Rich range of appetizers/Cocktails – dinner (maximum 35 people)
An elegant and not very formal option, which combines simplicity and practicality, this is a good alternative to real dinners, especially in summer. Food will be served by professional waiters in single-portion and disposable containers.

Cocktail Menu

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