Torre Prendiparte


Isolation regenerates
Get rid of all electronic oddities which keep us connected 24 hours a day. As you enter the Tower, you will feel an irresistible desire to switch everything off. You will not find a TV or a Wi-Fi connection and, if you want, having taken a deep breath, you can enjoy a show made up of hearing (silence), touch (900-year-old walls), sight and, if you want, sense of smell and taste. An evening or night which will bring peace back into your world and allow you to feel regenerated.

Real relaxation
Who said that you can only relax on a couch or armchair? Here relaxation involves all the senses and is not artificially obtained. It is the evocative power of the mind which makes you relax, it is the awareness that you can make a unique experience which, thanks to your curiosity and motivations, allows you to relax as you wish, to reach a sublime state of mind.

For new mothers
After nine months full of pride and tiredness, the traumatic joy of the delivery, the hard work due to relatives and friends who visit you to celebrate the event, lock yourself up in the Tower with your partner and your baby, to finally celebrate “the three of you”, the most important people on earth!

Dear parents: have fun
A sojourn in the Tower is not necessary planned by the persons enjoying it. It may be a great idea for a present, maybe for your parents, to underline how important they are for you, to make them experience something unique, something that is “only theirs”, to make them remember their first dates, their engagement, etc.

Shopping in Bologna
In the Town centre you will find a very wide range of shops: from famous brands to historical workshops, from food and wine shops to cultural ones, from catering facilities to crafts. And between one shop window and another, over 20 museums of all possible types. At the end of your stroll, the Tower will be there, waiting to welcome you again and cradle you; this is the ideal place to start your journey to discover Bologna.

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