Torre Prendiparte


Get ready to experience a unique feeling, plunge into history and become part of one of the symbols of Bologna, famous worldwide.

The starting point is a guided tour, during which you will get to know all the details of the place which will be hosting you: the story of the family, the historical situation, the City at the time of feuds among noble families, building techniques and its military function as a fortress and an extreme defence. You will slowly climb to the top, in order to fully appreciate the various floors, going through the part inhabited, the ex Archbishop’s prisons and the part historically unaltered on the top floors.

Finally, you will reach the hyper-panoramic terrace on top of the Tower, at a height of 60 metres, where you will be offered a welcome drink and your hosts will part from you.

You will be given the keys to leave and come back as you wish, so that you can go to dinner in one of the many restaurants of the town centre, or enjoy a pleasant stroll along alleys and under porticoes. You will freely decide when to go back to spend the night inside the tower.

The following morning, you may go up one floor from the bedroom and, in the kitchens, you will find a table fully laid and ready for breakfast. All perishable goods will be in the refrigerator, while many pastry specialties and cookies will be on the table. Citron fruits, cereals and fresh bread will not be missing.

If your plan for the evening is not to leave for dinner, you may dine inside the Tower, you just need to choose one of our three options.

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