Torre Prendiparte


The carefully selected furniture of the first three floors, which make up the Suite, perfectly matches the simple and essential original architecture of the tower.

Furniture and fittings smack of the nineteenth century and suit the period when this lowest part of the building was changed into a house by removing some walls and opening large windows in the living-room/bedroom and in the kitchens.

A careful restoration of rooms, a functional lighting technique and a proper setting make it possible to enjoy a very personal dwelling. Each detail has been designed in order to make you feel “at home”, that is very differently from a hotel, however elegant it may be.

Ancient fireplaces, quaint views from the windows, a spiral staircase dug in the 16th-century walls make it possible to enjoy the series of floors, which are a pleasant discovery storey after storey.

These rooms are ideal to welcome a couple, but can host as many as four people as a total.

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