Torre Prendiparte


Lying in the very heart of the town, but well hidden among an entangled maze of alleys and narrow streets, Prendiparte is one of the few towers still standing – there were about 100 in the centre of Bologna – and one of the very few still towering over the roofs. Many others, having been damaged through the centuries in battles and family feuds, have disappeared within luxury private courtyards or hide inside more recent buildings.

In the last few years the Tower has been an exclusive shelter (this is how its owner likes to describe it) in which you can sojourn, at bed & breakfast conditions, with the possibility of organizing cocktail parties, musical entertainment events, gala dinners or informal meetings, guided visits, birthday parties, but also business lunches and private meetings, for a limited number of people, variable according to the situation. Sometimes these are meetings to listen to a harp and a voice narrating a story, or a spinet and a French horn, or to taste local products while enjoying pleasant plays in the local dialect, to taste chocolate with an actor who plays the role of Charles V, etc.

Naturally, more intimacy is sometimes required, due to the very nature of a certain meeting, for instance engagement or wedding nights, wedding promises or anniversaries, enriched by a romantic candle-lit dinner followed by a night together alone. A unique, unforgettable present, which a couple can choose or (why not?) receive as a gift from friends or relatives. Or a firm may decide to reward one of its best collaborators with an evening for two people in the Prendiparte Tower, extended to his/her partner, who deserves a prize for daily bearing his/her partner’s tension and busy life.

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