Torre Prendiparte


After 1796, when the prisons were removed, both the tower and the adjacent houses on Piazza Sant’Alò remained, for a certain period, listed under the Archbishop’s Revenue of Bologna, managed by the Royal Government. In the Papal (or Gregorian) Land and Building Registry we can find both the tower and the house to the east, described as a House and Warehouse, and the one to the west, described as a shed and partially rented to third parties. These buildings, along with some others, were sold from the Archbishop’s Revenue to the State on 13th April 1868. In the same Land and Building Registry, in 1873, we read that all these buildings belonged to a Mr. Monti Vincenzo, son of the late Giovanni.

Some further research carried out in the Land and Building Registry of the years between 1866 and 1962, as well as the Notarial Archive, made it possible to reconstruct the history of the last few passages until 1972, when Clemente Giovanardi bought it from Emilio Berti from Imola. After that, the tower was inhabited for a few years then, after a short period in which it hosted a famous Professional Office, the owner decided to start accurate readjustment works in order to give the tower the look it has today.

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