Torre Prendiparte


After the last information about a Prendiparte connected with the history of the Coronata tower, dating back to 1358, at the end of the 15th century the tower was bought by the Fabruzzi family, but it was confiscated from them in 1508, when the ruler of the town, Giovanni Bentivoglio, was exiled. However. two nuns belonging to that family managed to have it back shortly after that. They belonged to the convent of Santa Maria della Consolazione, and this convent later sold the tower to Ercole Seccadenari in 1530.

On 5th October 1588 Seccadenari’s heirs sold it to the Archbishop’s Revenue, along with an adjacent house which was turned into a seminary by bishop Paleotti. When in 1751 the seminary moved to the building opposite Saint Peter’s cathedral, where Hotel Majestic (previously known as Baglioni) still stands, the tower and the adjacent house became a prison and the venue of the Bargello (Head of Police), until it was confiscated by Napoleon in 1796. The cavity which is now on the second floor was, at that time, directly connected with an inner passage to the old seminar, cells were used by seminarians to isolate themselves from the world in order to pray and study the Holy Scriptures.

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