Torre Prendiparte

Friends of the tower

This is a very “personal” sections. Many guests have felt at home in the Tower. Some of them have spent a night here, others have come with some friends to celebrate something...

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Torri Tour

Ogni fine settimana scopri con noi Bologna addentrandoti nello scacchiere delle sue torri medievali...

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Tower news

New events for everyone
Stay up to date about news, events, and initiatives that involve the charming world of Torre Prendiparte.

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interno carceri torreA place full of history, a sequence of twelve rooms in a dizzy climb which slowly leads you to a panoramic terrace.

At a height of sixty metres, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Bologna and everything contributes to creating a special atmosphere, which will leave you unforgettable memories.

Care for details, old furniture, evocative atmospheres are the perfect frame for celebrating a relationship, to emphasize the best feelings, strike a business agreement or present important projects.

After being the impregnable stronghold of the Prendiparte Family in the Middle Ages, the Tower is now open to those who want to enjoy its uniqueness, in order to experience deeply impressive feelings.

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